Build4People Research Project

Research published in “Remote Sensing”

The study authored by Gulam Mohiuddin and Prof Dr Jan Peter Mund from Eberswalde University...

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Support to GIS Lessons at RUA

It4forest enthusiasts Gulam Mohiuddin and Prof Jan-Peter Mund joint students at the...

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Spatiotemporal Analysis of Land Surface Temperature in Response to Land Use and Land Cover Changes

It4forest enthusiast Gulam Mohiuddin took the floor at the 5th International Electronic...

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Citizen science to monitor green spaces

In the frame of the Build4People project, IT4Forest enthusiasts Prof Jan Peter...

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Understanding the relationship of land surface temperature and land cover change

Urbanisation has introduced substantial and rapid uncontrolled Land Use and Land Cover...

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Fostering Urban Green Infrastructure

Insights from the Build4People Science Workshop on Urban Green Infrastructure On 29th...

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Counterparts from RUA present research efforts on urban development

Build4 People Work package 4 experts, Jan-Peter Mund and Gulam Mohiuddin, applaud...

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Research result on “Urban Green Infrastructures”presented

Gulam Mohiuddin, Research Associate in the Build4People Project and Prof. Dr Jan-Peter...

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2nd edition of Build4People poster exhibition draws great audience

HNEE research associate Gulam Mohiuddin presented a poster on urban green infrastructure...

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