IT4Forest goes Intergeo

IT4Forest enthusiasts attended the INTERGEO23 in Berlin. The conference (10-12.Okt 23) featured...

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Calculating amount of deadwood with a portable laser

Modern portable laser technology can contribute t adaptive forest management strategies, particularly...

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Monitoring Tiny Forest

IT4FOREST team analyses the Tiny Forest. The consequences of climate change have...

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New BMBF Regulus project kicks off

Adaptive Forest Resource management for Sustainable wood and timber Economy in the...

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Handheld laser methods in Tiny Forest

IT4forest supports MIYA e.V Zichow, a small village in North-East Brandenburg (53.18798,...

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Performance test of tree segmentation algorithms for WLS point clouds

Ramazan Bülbül, Stefan Reder and Jan-Peter Mund compared three raster-based and two...

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