March 2021

Phenometrics from high resolution rapideye imagery of semi-arid grassland in South Africa

HNEE FIT graduate André Parplies analysed during his research period phenometric of...

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Monitoring and Quantification of Floating Biomass on Tropical Water Bodies

Water hyacinth, or Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms, is an invasive and free...

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Monitoring lake Indawgwi

An algal bloom indicates stress in a lake’s ecosystem. Water quality is...

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Campus tree analysis

The functions of trees and woody plants in an urban area are...

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Shoreline changes – land cover research in Vietnam

Rapid Shoreline changes and movement of sediment caused by erosion and deposition...

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UAV applications for forest structure and forest health

For testing UAV methods, Nicole Albert collected aerial images of a forest...

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The IT4forest team is a group of voluntarily cooperating scientists, lecturers and students. We are united by a common interest in forests and information technology. All of us work, research or teach at the faculty of Forest and Environment at the University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde (German acronym HNEE). This webpage documents our personal efforts and the achievement of our students. It is not be understood as an official page of HNEE. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the It4Forest team.

Environmental modelling

Expressed in a simple way, the research field of environmental modelling comprises...

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UAVs enable a cost-efficient workflow to estimate tree heights

How can one estimate the height of trees in remote, inaccessible areas? ...

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