360° virtual forest tours (VFTs), created by state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, contribute to the progression of academic e-learning and forest management. HNEE graduate Torben Foehrder in cooperation with Jan-Peter Mund and Peter Spathelf proposes a conceptual framework for 360° VFT production and use to supplement field courses. Reflective insights into the authors’ own learning process in the production of 360° VFTs, and a consideration of the general challenges of the medium are also presented. The article summarizes the advantages of 360° VFTs for forestry education in an academic context.

The combined efforts of several projects at HNEE and beyond allowed the production of various 360° VFTs for the purposes of academic knowledge transfer and project transparency. In this way, methods of large-scale forestry management could be visualised and compared.

The full framework is available for download.