The Autumn School at Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde with the Theme; Virtual Forest has successfully been completed as part of one of the Erasmus Plus Projects . Students from France, Spain, Brazil and Vietnam participated in this program. Participants acquired practical knowledge and experience in the use of LiDAR device and flying of drones to obtain terrestrial and point cloud data respectively.

Students were obtaining their “own” point cloud data with drones, LiDAR device and the 360 degree camera for panorama images. They were also taught the use of R programming software, ArcGIS pro, panorama and Arcstory map in analyzing series of data collected from the field. Students who have developed interest were encouraged to utilize the skills acquired in contributing significantly to the sustainable development goals in their various study and home countries. Special thanks to Dr. Kevin Beiler for organising the autumn school in Eberswalde.