Prof. Siegfried Rieger and Prof. Jan-Peter Mund are featured in a story of the political magazine DER SPIEGEL 44/2022 debating whether novel high-tech systems can help preventing collisions of endangered birds with wind turbines.

SPIEGEL journalist Susanne Goetze spoke with nature conservationists, researchers and with the inventors of the first German anti-collision system (AKS). The amended Federal Nature Conservation Act names anti-collision systems as a way to “sufficiently mitigate the increase in risk” of bird colliding with wind turbines. Operators of wind farms may take the amendment as an indication that accelerated expansion of wind farms with the novel high-tech systems is becoming more acceptable. Prof. Siegfried Rieger and Prof. Jan-Peter Mund are part of the research community that tests the application of bird detection systems. Their current test sites in the Uckermark will deliver data that can provide scientific evidence about their efficacy of the systems.

The full story can be read in DER SPIEGEL 44/2022.