The “Digital Lounge”, a monthly discussion forum debating the impact of digitalisation on society, focused on forests. Forests are not only the most diverse habitat for wildlife, but also the producer of the air we breathe and thus also the most important partner in the fight against climate change. Countless clearings and deforestations take away the air we breathe and release the CO2 stored in the trees back into the atmosphere. The January edition under the title of “Green Survaillance” highlighted among others the benefits of digital tools and technology for forest management and monitoring. Existing technologies can be used to monitor, report and predict forest encroachment in order to halt increasing deforestation.

Prof. Jan-Peter Mund from It4Forest discussed with Katrin Möller (Landeskompetenzzentrum Forst Eberswalde), and  Henrik Hartmann (Instituts für Waldschutz, Julius Kühn-Institut.)

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