Prof. Dr Jan-Peter Mund closes the special exhibition “Tree Stories” at the Paderborn Museum of Natural History with a lecture on the topic “digital forest walk 2023”.

In his lecture on January 8. 2023, Prof Mund gives concrete insights into the use of digital remote sensing and laser technology to record tree stands. He explains how the forest structure can be recorded three-dimensionally and mapped spatially explicitly. To do this, researchers go into the forest with a camera, tripod or mobile laser measuring device, for example, or use drones, aircraft and satellites to determine relevant information and obtain corresponding data.

In the field of information technology, Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund focuses in his research on the digital recording of forests and forest areas. In his lecture he outlines the new oppotunities through innovative algorithms and data science. Multi-sensor applications can help detecting and monitoring of forest fires. The support combating forest pests and tree diseases, and RGB sensors generate high-resolution 2D -4D image mosaics as AI training data.