Prof. Dr. Uwe Holzhammer from the technical university of Ingoldstad (THI) invited partnering universities to Neuburg Campus to kick off Wandel 4! research. The aim of the interdisciplinary project is to enable universities to take on a pioneering role in the transformation to a more sustainable society.

The project team met to delve into the upcoming tasks detailed in the project’s work packages. The kick off discussed project management procedures and the implementation strategies for the different work packages (as below). During in-depth workshops, many ideas were generated. Suggestions included conducting online science workshops, establishing tiny forests at university locations, and implementing green facades, roofs, and floors.

During the project proposal stage, the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde (HNEE) had initially proposed the use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This concept was further elucidated during this team meeting. The HNEE team clarified the advantages of utilizing a thermal UAV to analyze campus areas. This technology is particularly beneficial for the new campus in Neuburg, as the data obtained can provide a robust foundation for pertinent discussions. The team plans to deploy the UAV to calculate the Land Surface Temperature and to assess the Green Infrastructure. It will also be used for detailed mapping of the campus areas. The Neuburg campus, currently in its development phase, offers an ideal setting for testing these sustainable use concepts. The team also seized the opportunity to exchange literature and links on inspiring topics with each other.