Insights from the Build4People Science Workshop on Urban Green Infrastructure

On 29th September 2023, the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, hosted the insightful Science Workshop of Build4People Work Package 4 titled “Urban Green Infrastructures.” The event was focused on exploring the multifaceted impacts and significance of urban green spaces in Phnom Penh. It delved into how these semi-natural assets can be leveraged to enhance the urban quality of life for the city’s residents.

Work package 4 was represented by Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE) and with the research partner from Cambodia, the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) with its Faculty for Land Management and Land Administration (FLMLA) with its Dean Dr. Hor Sanara.

This workshop brought together researchers from Cambodia and Germany to emphasize the profound importance of urban green in elevating the urban quality of life. The workshop was opened by the welcome speech by H.E Ngo Bunthan, Rector of the Royal Agricultural University (RUA) and Dr Verena Hebbecker, Deputy Head of Division 723 “Global Change, Climate Research “at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Coordinator of the Funding Priority SURE – Sustainable Development of Urban Regions.

With a distinguished panel of speakers from Cambodia and Germany, the workshop presented a blend of theoretical discussions, practical updates, and innovative technological interventions to reimagine urban spaces. A notable event highlight was the announcement of new Regional and Urban Planning academic programs at RUA. This initiative underlines a solid commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders in urban planning and green infrastructure. Gulam Mohiuddin, B4P researcher from HNEE, presented on “Urban green space structures and their thermal footprints” and delved deep into the transformative impact of green infrastructures on cities.

To share knowledge beyond the confines of the workshop, a range of practical and innovative ideas were shared, which are bound to play a pivotal role in the future urban planning endeavours of Phnom Penh. The following event video provides a visual insight into the engaging discussions and the palpable enthusiasm among participants to drive sustainable urban planning strategies.

The workshop was a rich blend of rigorous discussions, poster presentations, and an interactive panel that brought sustainable urban planning strategies to the fore. These strategies prioritize green infrastructures, aligning with the broader goal of enhancing the well-being of urban residents in Phnom Penh.

Professor Dr Jan-Peter Mund, Build4People Work Package Leader “Urban Green Infrastructures”, provided reflections on the workshop and emphasised the importance of such discussions regarding urban green infrastructure in Phnom Penh, which is crucial to a sustainable neighbourhood at the city level.