It4forest enthusiast Stefan Reder presented the TreeDigitalTwins at the FOWITA conference in Dresden.

Key technical idea and methodological approach of the “TreeDigitalTwins” project is to develop 4D point clouds and AI-based methods for creating digital twins and to be able to automatically derive important object parameters using innovative IT methods.

The project is developing exemplary standardized procedures for deriving object parameters from 4D point clouds, which can be used continuously even under changing climate conditions and can also be methodically transferred to other sectors of the bioeconomy, e.g. to the production of sustainable objects in the packaging industry.

Furthermore, the project establishes an interdisciplinary innovation group of young scientists and a practical network with methodological real laboratories in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. Stefan Reder is one of the scientists that will work on “4D point clouds and AI-based methods for the development of digital twins for vegetation stands for use in integrative forest management”.

TreeDigitalTwins is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding this project as part of the “Research for Sustainability” (FONA) strategy BMBF funding code: 033L305