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Land use change detection

Our research focuses on remote sensing of forest environment and we develop cutting-edge techniques for extracting information from data collected by, earth observation satellites, UAVs and terrestrial LASER and photogrammetric scanners to better understand processes in various types of forested land systems.

The it4forest team concentrates on applied interdisciplinary RS research themes topics integrated with bio-geosciences and sustainability.We have large experience and topical expertise applying remote sensing techniques in analyzing and mapping forest land, vegetation attributes and land cover change.

Remote sensing by the IT4Forest Team
Research and past project
Land surface temperature analysis

How remote sensing can help in planning urban green in a city?...

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Monitoring and Quantification of Floating Biomass on Tropical Water Bodies

Water hyacinth, or Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms, is an invasive and free...

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Monitoring lake Indawgwi

An algal bloom indicates stress in a lake’s ecosystem. Water quality is...

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Discover students' work on remote sensing
Ecosystem Service Valuation in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Protected Area

In the IFEM module “GIS for NRM” taught by Nicole Albert, Theo...

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