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Forest IT Stories

Making calamity areas accessible

IFEM students Merlin Hartwig and Timm Dörder take us on a virtual...

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Where to find water?

Led by Evelyn Wallor, a group of students (A. Hofmann, L. Jeppel,...

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Study forests from your screen

Virtual Forests Twins based on 3D point cloud data allows studing forests...

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Ecosystem Service Valuation in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Protected Area

In the IFEM module “GIS for NRM” taught by Nicole Albert, Theo...

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Windthrown Tree Stems and Convolutional Networks

FIT student Stefan Reder in cooperation with Jan-Peter Mund, Nicole Albert, Lilli...

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A conceptual framework for 360° VFT production

360° virtual forest tours (VFTs), created by state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, contribute...

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Land surface temperature analysis

How remote sensing can help in planning urban green in a city?...

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Estimating a log’s volume via hand held laser scanner

FIT student Stefan Reder was contributing to research into use of a...

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Maschine Learning

In this study, Julian Backa, FIT M.Sc. graducate and former team member,...

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Ethnobotanical knowledge in Mozambique

In his research project, FIT student Hainner Hernan Salamanca Aparicio worked in...

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Phenometrics from high resolution rapideye imagery of semi-arid grassland in South Africa

HNEE FIT graduate André Parplies analysed during his research period phenometric of...

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Campus tree analysis

The functions of trees and woody plants in an urban area are...

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