Research result on “Urban Green Infrastructures”presented

Gulam Mohiuddin, Research Associate in the Build4People Project and Prof. Dr Jan-Peter...

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Digital Lounge debates digitalisation and forests

The “Digital Lounge”, a monthly discussion forum debating the impact of digitalisation...

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Closing of Tree Stories exhibition with lecture

Prof. Dr Jan-Peter Mund closes the special exhibition “Tree Stories” at the...

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Ecosystem Service Valuation in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Protected Area

In the IFEM module “GIS for NRM” taught by Nicole Albert, Theo...

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WINMOL – research to damage detection and prediction capabilities of storm calamities in managed forest stands

Extreme weather events have been occurring more frequently in recent years. Forests...

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Service learning – students’ work benefits Eberswalde allotment gardens

Service learning - students' work benefits Eberswalde allotment gardens

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