Join a virtual tour to one of Germany’s old growth forest reserve in Grumsin. Third semester IFEM students Laura Feldenz and Jan Smigielski from HNEE produced great learning materials while learning themselves about the eco-system and 3D applications.

The virtual tour allows the viewer to get a feeling for the atmosphere and have a look around the Grumsin old growth forest without disturbing the eco-systems. During a virtual forest tour, the viewer can learning useful information about what she/he can see and discover more in-depth knowledge of details in the specific eco-system.

Discover the old growth forest without disturbung the enviroment. Virtual tours faciliate learning and disccovery.

HNEE students Laura Feldenz and Jan Smigielski designed a tour with various layers: The basic layer of the Grumsin Tour provides brief information about everything there is to discover – this mode of usage is for people new to the topics and seek a leisurely experience. For those who might be interested in a little bit more, there is plenty extended material to gain deeper knowledge – this mode of the experience is for educational usage. Both types of usage are supposed to be used as part of environmental education. The deeper layer is oriented at the level of early semester students of ecology related study programs and could be used as a learning environment for forest ecosystems.