The digital commissioner of Brandenburg, State Secretary Dr. Benjamin Grimm visited Eberswalde as part of his traditional digital policy summer tour. On August 18, Grimm met with members of It4Forest and learnt about the project “Forest 3D Lab”. Grimm’s visit is taking place against the backdrop of the “Digital Programme of the State of Brandenburg 2025” (#dp25) that was recently approved by the cabinet. Grimm aimed at exchange with digital pioneers to take up suggestions for digital policy in the state. The format of the annual digital policy summer tour has been in place since 2018.

After the opening by the Vice President for Research and Transfer, Prof. Dr. Alexander Pfriem, Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund presented research activities by highlighting selected projects including the Forest3D Lab in Haselberg Prötzl working on tree segmentation, the Winmol Project focusing on wind throw analysis and the research on bird detection systems. Further Prof. Mund informed about challenges and already existing digital solutions in the forest and environmental sector.

Prof. Dr. Jens Müller introduced the newly founded Centre for Data Science. The new HNEE research centre covers the entire cycle of data-driven development from data acquisition, to management, to processing, to methods, to modelling and visualization) including their societal, ecological and economic impacts. The centre draws researchers from all four HNEE faculties and aims at teaching, research and transfer of results.

Cross cutting structure of the new Cente for Data Science at HNEE


Photos: Courtesy HNEE: HNEE, Kerstin Lehmann und Johanna Köhle