It4Forest congratulates Nele L. Römer and Evelyn Wallor for establishing a fantastic virtual tour.

The Digital Forest Lab Haselberg is a virtual sight built on the analogue teaching and learning site in Prötzel east of Eberswalde. The area contains a diverse forest area under the administration of the University for Sustainable Development. The virtual forest tour is structured according to subject-specific content on the topic of forest ecosystems (e.g. ecology, silviculture, timber harvesting) and offers numerous opportunities to discover the forests in our latitudes and to virtually experience them.

The virtual forest tour, in combination with on-site data recording using data loggers and dendrometers, enables a comprehensive immersion in the forest ecosystem. The virtual reality format of the forest tour interactively conveys site-related forestry content in 360° stations using the real forest area in Haselberg as an example. The forest tour thus offers numerous opportunities to learn about forest ecosystems and their management at local latitudes and to move (virtually) within them.

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The project was funded by the  Erich-Schmidt-Sattelmühle-Stiftung and led by Prof. Tobias Cremer.