IT4Forest enthusiasts attended the INTERGEO23 in Berlin. The conference (10-12.Okt 23) featured technical discussions with leading experts of the geodesy industry, UAS (unmanned aerial system), and focus on tomorrow’s technological trends and developments within the geospatial sector. An exhibition showed a wide range of exhibitors from the geospatial community presenting the latest developments and trends in the industry. Buzzwords such as Digital Twins, Smart Cities and Building Information Modeling (BIM) became tangible at the Expo.

The IT4forest members used the opportunity to deepen and learn about the latest developments in the geospatial and geoinformation industry. In particular, the team was interested in hand-held lasers and linked technology that supports on-going research efforts in the frame of the Treedigitaltwin and AdaptWaldHolz projects funded by the BMBF Regulus priority. With a goal of gaining valuable insights about trees and forests, the researchers aim at monitoring ecosystems in real time, and understanding the impact of our human activities over time. Geodata featuring forestes in all its breadth and depth, from collection methods using satellites, UAV, mobile mapping and GNSS to integrated spatial reference and applications in the field of monitoring eco-systems and forest inventories, provides data for research and modelling of the team.

The INTERGEO in Berlin drew around 17,000 trade visitors from 112 nations, 571 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, over 300 speakers and 841 conference participants from 42 nations. These numbers make INTERGEO one of the the world’s leading trade fair and the most important international congress platform for geodesy, geoinformation and land management.