It4forest enthusiast Ramazan Bülbül conducts his PHD research in the frame of the project ” ADAPT-Wald-Holz: Adaptives Waldressourcen-Management für eine zukunftsfähige Holzwirtschaft”.

The ADAPT-Wald-Holz project is developing an adaptive forest-wood management system for the Brandenburg-Berlin region using the example of Scots pine. The focus is on an ecosystem and resource-conserving regional value chain – from forest management to wood supply and wood processing.

Ramazan Bülbül is creating a digital twin of a forest real laboratory.This should benefit #forest ownership and the #wood industry! In a recent video release by ADAPT-Wald-Holz, Ramzan explains how this work: please watch.

Thanks to ADAPT-Wald-Holz for the video production.