The WINMOL prjoject will soon release a podcast series titled “The high-flyers – recognizing storm damage in the forest”. The high-flyers , that is the WinMol Project team including IT4forest enthusiats Nicole Albert and Stefan Reder. Together with colleagues from the Thünen Institute, Nicole and Stefan were researching storm damage in forests. The podcast series will summarize three years of exciting research.

Nicole and Stefan analysed affected forest areas from a bird’s eye view using drones or working with satelite images. In the WinMol project, the scientiest wanted to develop solutions that help to make forests more resilient and make forestry sustainable. To do this, they observed, recorded and assesses storm damage. And how did they do that? To find our details – stay tuned. The first episode will be published Wedesday, 17th of Janunary.

In the podcast “Die Überflieger” they share the latest findings and results from our research with you.

The podcast is created as part of the project “WINMOL – Recording and forecasting storm damage in forests”.
We would like to thank the project sponsors, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Agency for Renewable Resources as well as the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development and our partner, the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems.