On 28-29 Feb. 2024, TreeDigitalTwins project team member Kevin Beiler attended the 2. Aschaffenburger Waldsymposium to gain further insights into practical applications of AI and machine learning technologies in the forestry sector. The symposium was the second such event organized by Suffel Fördertechnik, the developer of the SmartSkidder (a small, multi-use and environmental impact-reducing all-terrain vehicle), intended to bring together experts from across the forestry sector and associated stakeholder groups to discuss forest-related matters in a holistic manner. The event provided valuable insights into current applications and future potential of IT and near-field remote sensing technologies in forest monitoring, management and conservation efforts, and established new contacts with practitioners from across Germany.

Although participation was limited to facilitate productive round-table discussions, Eberswalde was well represented as Mr. Beiler was joined at the symposium by Mr. Ferreol Berendt (HNEE, AdaptWaldHolz project) and manager of Eberswalde city forests, Mr. Florian Manns.

Presentation on the use of terrestrial LS technology for inventory and monitoring of structurally heterogeneous forest stands by Alexa Beaucamp (photo by K. Beiler)